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Health & Safety Management

Health and safety management at HD Supply is grounded in strong environmental, health, and safety (EHS) policies and supported by effective training programs and initiatives. Our EHS policies guide safety performance at our operations by providing detailed information on company requirements, such as requirements related to personal protective equipment, fire prevention, and workplace inspections. By developing and implementing systematic safety processes across the company, we can help ensure a baseline understanding of our expectations and prevent incidents.

The HD Supply Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) serves as an internal library of the ongoing commitments, responsibilities, and practices we employ to minimize adverse health and safety impacts. The IIPP covers a broad range of documented processes, including proactive safety designs, assessments, corrective actions, and incident follow-up. All associates have access to IIPP plans that are customized based on location and business unit.

Within HD Supply’s EHS Department, our enterprise team supports the development of IIPP-related safety policies, procedures, and training for HD Supply associates. Business Leaders endorse the IIPP and support the development and implementation of specific elements of health and safety programs.

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Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of our associates and contractors represents an important element of our commitment to safety. We have dedicated health policies and procedures designed to mitigate potential health risks inherent to our business, such as policies on hearing conservation and heat illness prevention. Additionally, HD Supply offers programs and services designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our associates and their families.

For information on supporting the wellbeing of our associates, see the Associate Care webpage.