HD Supply Headquarters

Ethics and Integrity

HD Supply manages our business with integrity so that our stakeholders can trust us to act with honor and professionalism. We believe in a commitment to strong governance, regulatory adherence, and risk management as the foundation of our responsible operations. From sourcing to delivery, our associates adhere as a team to a shared set of SPIRIT values that help define our collective expectations.

To achieve our business goals, it is important that all associates reinforce our SPIRIT values. SPIRIT Day is held June 27th each year to mark the anniversary of our initial public offering. As part of our compliance training, associates are expected to commit to our SPIRIT values.

Our SPIRIT Values

  • Service – Help our customers succeed by delivering exceptional service and Best Total Value Experience
  • Performance – Exceed our commitments every day to our team, customers, suppliers, investors and community
  • Integrity – Always do the right thing and always take the high road
  • Respect – Treat team members the way you would like you and your family to be treated
  • Innovation – Seek new and creative ways to build a reliable, effective, chain of execution for our customers
  • Teamwork – Win together by creating an environment where every individual puts the team first
HD Supply Values

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

HD Supply’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is a set of principles that guide our company’s ethical conduct. HD Supply also has internal policies and programs to prevent ethical misconduct, including gift and entertainment guidelines, a discrimination and harassment policy, and standard operating procedures for anti-corruption and anti-bribery. These policies and principles provide the necessary information to teach our associates to act with integrity and in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws. All associates must comply with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and HD Supply policies.

To ensure associates fully understand our expectations, we have a set of ethics training courses in place on key topics including discrimination and harassment in the workplace, our Open Door Policy and the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Newly hired associates are required to complete all compliance training courses within the first 30 days of employment. We also require associates to take annual and biannual refresher training on select courses.

We want to create a work environment where every associate feels part of the HD Supply family.  HD Supply encourages associates to ask questions, voice concerns, and report suspected violations of company policies. In addition to a culture of open communication, HD Supply has a 24-hour AlertLine phone number and web portal that provides associates an outlet to raise potential concerns anonymously. We investigate all concerns and take appropriate action. HD Supply will not tolerate any retaliation or threats of retaliation against anyone who makes a good-faith report of suspected violations of workplace policies.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics training completion rate for 2019-2020