HD Supply Headquarters

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Recognizing the critical need to protect the environment, HD Supply has made efforts to incorporate sustainable practices into its daily operations. We have installed energy-efficient lighting and implemented comprehensive recycling programs at many of our facilities. Our goal is to foster an environmentally sensitive company culture while simultaneously offering our customers opportunities to reduce their impact. For information on offering environmentally preferable products to our customers, see our Going Green page at HD Supply Solutions.

Product Offerings

We offer customers cost-effective ways to incorporate environmentally sustainable products into their building plans. Providing customers with environmentally friendly product options helps them decrease environmental impacts, save money, stay compliant with environmental regulations, and attract new business. As much as possible, we encourage our contractors and suppliers to incorporate environmental stewardship into their practices.

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of products in five conservation categories:

  • energy efficiency
  • water conservation,
  • indoor environmental quality
  • waste reduction
  • hazardous material disposal

Where available, these products are certified by leading industry certifications, including Energy Star, WaterSense, and Green Seal.

LEED Certification

HD Supply has obtained a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for our new headquarters office in Atlanta, Georgia. We have pursued the Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell rating, which is designed for projects where the developer controls the site selection as well as design and construction of the entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection system—called the core and shell—but not the design and construction of the tenant fit-out

Completed in the spring of 2018, our new Atlanta headquarters has a building energy management system to monitor and control the building’s energy needs, thus increasing efficiency and reducing energy waste. The building finishes such as millwork, carpeting, and paints were sourced from recycled materials that contain low levels of volatile organic compounds. We also installed six electric charging stations to encourage associates to use electric cars.

Additionally, the new Atlanta headquarters office is being designed to emphasize employee health and wellness. We are in the process of pursuing Fitwel Certification, which focuses on promoting facility innovations for wellness. For example, the building will feature a fitness center and a restaurant with healthy meal options. For additional information on protecting the health and safety of our associates, see the Workplace Health and Safety page.

HD-Supply Corporate Building exterior

Recycling and Waste Management

HD Supply works to reduce waste by reusing and recycling a variety of materials, including batteries, cardboard, paper, scrap metal, and beverage containers. In addition to recycling programs, we have a comprehensive waste program at our operating facilities to manage both hazardous and non-hazardous chemical waste, which typically stems from damaged containers and expired products.

As part of our commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment, we continuously work to improve the waste diversion rate of our distribution centers. We strive toward a zero-waste to landfill policy to manage regulated waste and product-related waste that we dispose of through our hazardous waste program. We take a conservative, risk-based approach to waste disposal through our hazardous waste program and associated vendors, even in situations and jurisdictions where it is not required by regulation.

The table below provides year-over-year data on the amount of waste we manage through a variety of processes including incineration, fuel blending, energy recovery, recycling, and neutralization.

Year Pounds of waste
2019 818,058 lbs.
2018 783,667 lbs.*
2017 593,469 lbs.
2016 629,627 lbs.
2015 648,307 lbs.

Data represents the amount of waste managed through the HD Supply program during each calendar year. Waste generation includes chemical-, product- and fabrication-related wastes managed through the HD Supply Hazardous Waste Management Program for our Facilities Maintenance, Construction & Industrial, and Home Improvement Solutions businesses.

*2018 waste data includes 227,481 lbs. of waste generated as a result of the one-time management and disposal of expired inventory disposed of as a part of the acquisition of the A.H. Harris business.  Waste generation and disposal attributed to typical operations in 2018 was 556,186 lbs, a 6% reduction from 2017.

Water Conservation

Since HD Supply does not manufacture products, our water consumption is relatively small.  However, we do look for opportunities to reduce our water usage where we can.  For example, we have installed low-flow fixtures at facilities in California.  We are also looking into the possibility of making low-flow water fixtures for sinks and water fountains standard in our facilities.

Energy Reduction

We are working to effectively manage energy use at several of our locations by retrofitting our distribution centers with more efficient systems. For example, our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are tied into a digitally controlled building management system to help maximize efficiency through scheduling and optimal temperature sensing via digital thermostats. Additionally, all of our corporate office sites, including call centers, have a mix of fluorescent and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, as well as programmable lighting controls tied into an energy management system. Moving forward, we plan to have all lighting projects follow a standard upgrade to LED and photo and motion control technology. In addition to lighting initiatives, many of our distribution centers built in the last decade have white thermoplastic polyolefin roofing, which reduces heat transfer into the building and air conditioning consumption.

Transportation Efficiency

HD Supply manages an internal fleet of motor vehicles to meet most of our transportation needs, including inbound and customer deliveries. To that end, we are making efforts to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption associated with our transportation activities. For example, our Construction & Industrial business unit is currently rolling out telematics across HD Supply’s commercial motor vehicle fleet. Over time, these devices will provide valuable insight into truck utilization, which will potentially provide opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Within the FM business, routing technology lowers the amount of time delivery vehicles are on the road and limits the number of vehicles required to deliver product each day. This, in turn, lowers emissions. That same technology, coupled with continued investment in new vehicles and a robust preventive maintenance plan, assures all vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible.